October 4, 2023


Doors open at 9 AM

Check-in, coffee, and networking!

Fireside Chat with Michael Bobbitt and Julie Wake | 9:45-10:20

9:45-10:20: Fireside Chat with Michael Bobbitt and Julie Wake Description: Mass Cultural Council has shifted its approach to its work with a new focus on enabling a world in which the Massachusetts creative and cultural sector is even more diverse and is valued as essential to the Commonwealth. Julie and Michael will discuss these changes and the impact it is having on the creative sector now and in the future.

The Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers | 10:30-11

The Wampanoag Nation Singers and Dancers are a group of musicians and artisans from the tribal communities of Mashpee on Cape Cod and Aquinnah on Martha's Vineyard. Our performances of eastern social songs and dances have both educated and entertained audiences of all ages in museums, schools, and various multi-cultural events. We dress in our traditional clothing and our songs are accompanied by a water drum and handcrafted rattles. We encourage audience participation and prefer to sing with the people instead of for the people.

Matthew Mazzotta | 11-12 PM: Keynote

The architecture of social space: Creating spaces of critique within the places we live. Matthew Mazzotta's community-specific public projects integrate new forms of civic participation and social engagement into the built environment and reveal how the spaces we travel through and spend our time living within have the potential to become distinct sites for intimate, radical, and meaningful exchanges. Through his process, each project starts by creating temporary public spaces for listening – ‘Outdoor Living Room’ - as a way to capture voices from local people that might not attend more formal meetings. Stemming from this approach are experiences that involve people from a range of backgrounds working together to create new models of living that contribute to local culture beyond the economic realm.

How Artists Build Equitable, Empathetic Communities | Breakout 1A: 1:10 PM -2:10 PM: @ Main Theatre

Artists play a significant role in creating equitable and empathetic communities by using their creative talents to challenge norms, inspire empathy, foster dialogue, and create spaces for diverse voices to be heard. Their work helps bridge gaps, break down barriers, and promote a sense of unity among community members. The goal for this session is to inspire by learning what’s happening in the arts sector now and how we can support artists and arts leaders in the future. Panelists: Mark Adams, AFCC Artist of the Year; Rebecca McGee Tuck, Fiber artist and ocean activist; Ellice Patterson, Abilities Dance Boston Moderator: Emily Ruddock, MASSCreative

Plan the Work, Work the Plan: Strategic Planning | Breakout 1B: 1:10 PM -2:10 PM @ Artist Studio

A strategic plan is a valuable tool that empowers arts organizations to define their vision, make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and navigate the challenges and opportunities in the arts and culture sector. It provides a structured approach to achieving success and fulfilling the organization's mission. Come learn from arts leaders as well as an experienced strategic planner on the dos and don’ts. Panelists: Brittney Nichols, Strategy Matters; Sharon Polli, Fine Arts Work Center; David Keuhn, Cotuit Center for the Arts Moderator: Anne Putney Scott, Heritage Museums & Gardens

The Potential of Public Art | Breakout 2B | 2:20 PM -3:20 PM @ Main Theatre

What do artists and cultural organizations need to know to get involved in public art? How to work with the town government. Community engagement. How to prepare for a pitch. Public vs. private spaces. The connection to history and the present moment. Permanent vs. impermanent. How can public art address community challenges such as social justice, climate change, and more. Panelists: Lillian Hsu, Cambridge Arts; Al Wilson, Beyond Walls Moderator: Sarah Johnson, Cahoon Museum of American Art

How Rejection Can Make You a Better Artist! | Breakout 2B: 2:20 PM -3:20 PM @ Artist Studio

How do the different artistic disciplines deal with rejection? How does one move forward? How do you keep a sense of humor? When to call it quits. Following up. Getting back out there. Panelists should be willing to share a story or two about how rejection can make your work better. Personal stories. Feedback. Things you've learned along the way. Willingness to take audience questions or participate in a dialogue with co panelists and audience participation. Panelists: Rick Miller, Psychotherapist and Author; Christine McCarthy, PAAM; Kate Pazakis, CCTC/HJT Moderator: Jackie deRuyter

Ben Cunningham | 3:30-5 PM: Afternoon Keynote

Title: Objects, Images and Stories with Storyteller Ben Cunningham Description: Objects, Images and Stories is a fun introspective workshop that features new stories and back stories from Ben Cunningham, and most importantly, your own stories. This is an interactive workshop, talk lecture, and Storytelling event that uses story as a way to connect people beyond the shared experience of being an audience member listening to a performance on stage. Please bring a photograph of yourself – either on your phone or printed – that tells a story.