Jonathan Rice Art Scholarship

Jonathan Rice struggled with mental illness for much of his life.  Among his many talents was that of artist, particularly using the mediums of watercolor and charcoal sketch.  Jon grew up in Orleans and attended Nauset Regional High School.  In addition to being well-liked by his many friends, Jon was his class valedictorian and  captain of the varsity basketball and tennis teams.  He attended Harvard University, where he majored in Psychology.  Just a month shy of his graduation, the impact of previously unrecognized mental illness began to influence his behaviors and emotions, and Jonathan attempted suicide.   Through medication, therapy, and determined focus, Jon was able to manage his illness, if not fully overcome it.  He was twice married and had two wonderful daughters.  Although employment was not always easy or consistent for Jon, he held the position of draftsman at a couple of Cape engineering firms, utilizing his combined skills of mathematics and art.  Throughout his life, art was always a calming refuge for Jon.  He often used it to express emotions and feelings that were not otherwise easily conveyed.  The Jonathan Rice Art Scholarship is in his memory in the hope that others battling the challenges of mental illness, in themselves or their family, will pursue their interest in art with confidence and passion. Jonathan Rice passed away February 2013 following a lengthy battle with congestive heart failure.


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