The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod (AFCC) provides the resources that working artists and emerging arts organizations need to thrive. For almost 30 years, AFCC has provided artists with crucial support, including grants, access to additional funding sources, information resources, and professional development training.

AFCC Patron Supporters are dedicated to empowering artists across all disciplines. By becoming a member, you’ll engage with the cultural community — and play a vital role in helping the AFCC support artists at all stages in their careers.

By joining the AFCC’s Patron Program, you become a change agent for the Arts Foundation and partner with other loyal supporters who also believe arts matter. Your consistent financial support provides AFCC with the stability, confidence, and resources to set lofty goals.  Our top priority is to raise funds in order to grant more creative initiatives.  Read more about the Patron Program.

We are so grateful to our active Patron Program Members.