Stand with the Arts supports the AFCC’s Cape Cod Arts Relief Fund

During the first round of funding in the spring of 2020, the AFCC awarded nearly $30,000 in mini-grants to over 75 artists who had lost income or jobs due to the pandemic. It received more than 200 requests for financial assistance from individual artists. 

In November 2020, the AFCC awarded over $51,000 in grants to 16 local cultural organizations.  However, we received a total of 52 applications seeking over $218,000 in funding. 

Our local museums, theaters, and cultural institutions have been devastated by the pandemic. Some have halted all creative programming, laying off and furloughing staff during these difficult times. Others have significantly curtailed their hours of operation and shifted classes and performances online. This funding helps recipients address their immediate needs so they can continue to remain a part of the Cape’s cultural landscape.

We are committed to raising additional funds to meet the need of local cultural nonprofits and individual artists on the Cape. Unfortunately, we predict this winter and into 2021 will be the most challenging.  We are so grateful for your support to Stand with the Arts!

We are grateful for the following individuals and groups who help to seed this funding: Pete Hocking, artist and educator, Terrence Meck and the Palette Fund, RogersGray, AFCC Patrons, AFCC Board of Directors, and the Barnstable County Economic Development Council License Plate Grant Program through the Cape Cod Commission.

We’d like to also thank our Stand With The Arts title sponsor, William Raveis Real Estate.

To learn more about supporting this effort, please contact Amy Tuttle at