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Now in its sixth season, the Creative Exchange podcast is a celebration of the artists, arts leaders, and creative minds and their artistic journeys to bring joy, offer connection, and inspire hope through their work. Through the Creative Exchange, we discover what it means to be an artist in today’s world, and how the arts can bridge cultures and provide positive, meaningful change across all sectors. 


Launched in 2019, the Creative Exchange Podcast is hosted by AFCC Executive Director Julie Wake, the series is an ode to the artistic process and its unique manifestation on Cape Cod and beyond. The Creative Exchange podcast celebrates and spotlights local, regional and national artists and arts leaders who are making a difference through their work.

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Season 6 | Episode 8: Joseph Carr: It’s Josh O’Clock

At the beginning of this year when the Josh Cellars memes went viral, the popular wine brand’s founder Joseph Carr sat down with host Julie Wake to talk about the man behind the memes – his passion for producing wine, his drive, his love of the arts, and his vision for creating a wine that makes a positive difference, not only on the dinner table, but in the community.

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Season 6 | Episode 7: Murray Bartlett | Dog Walks and Emmy Wins: Murray Bartlett Unplugged

Join us for an intimate conversation with Australian actor Murray Bartlett, as he shares insights into his life on Cape Cod and his gratitude for the Provincetown community. Murray's openness and humor make for a delightful and engaging discussion as we explore his experiences on and off the screen, including his Emmy win and his ability to push boundaries. 

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Season 6 | Episode 6: David Phillips, Sculpting a Magnificent Career with David Phillips

Six frogs playfully sit in Boston Common — the magnificent bronze sculptures are the work of the talentedly prolific David Phillips. While he may be best known for these creations, David’s work, which often combines illusion with nature with a mix of Eastern aesthetics, has delighted countless people who have crossed paths with his public art. Join us on this fascinating exploration of David’s art which serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of human creativity.

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Season 6 | Episode: 5: Bob Staake, Bob Staake, An Illustrator's Guide to a Creative Life

Bob Staake’s superpower? Meeting deadlines. It’s how he was able to design the iconic New Yorker cover celebrating Barack Obama’s historic victory in the 2008 presidential election in less than 24 hours. Fueled by a self-drive (and the occasional bag of Doritos) to create, Bob’s curiosity has served as his motivation in a career that has spanned four decades, and which has seen his whimsical, playful, one-of-a-kind art fill the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Wall Street Journal. He’s written or illustrated more than 75 children’s books (with another on the way). And he’s worked for a list of illustrious clients that have included the NFL, American Express, Sony, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Walt Disney, McDonald’s, Hallmark Cards, and countless others. Despite his impressive career, Bob is never satisfied. His favorite project is always the next one. “If you’re not doing something better tomorrow, what is the point?” he says in this captivating conversation which reveals his endless obsession with creating art.

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Season 6 | Episode 4: Rick Miller, LISW, The Creative Brain

Explore the inner workings of the artistic mind with psychotherapist, author, and captivating public speaker Rick Miller on the Creative Exchange podcast. Uncover the driving forces behind artists, delve into their unique perspectives on the world, and discover how embracing an artistic sensibility can enrich both our personal and professional lives. Join us as we seek answers to what fuels creative souls and how we can integrate their inspiring approach into our own daily experiences.

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Season 6 | Episode 3: Sarah Dineen, The Poetic Palette: Brewing Inspiration from Nature to Espresso

The life of an artist is one of perpetual motion. It’s a path that Sarah Dineen has taken during her career, constantly growing and evolving. In this episode, Sarah takes listeners on her creative journey which started with painting before transitioning into sculpting. Where will Sarah’s career take her next? You’ll have to listen — preferably with a cup of hot coffee and blueberry coffee cake — to find out!

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Season 6 | Episode 2: Jonathan Hawkins, A Passion for Performing, for People, and for Provincetown

In the heart of Provincetown’s famed Commercial Street sits the Crown & Anchor, an iconic venue known for epic parties and must-see live entertainment. It should come as no surprise that the multitalented Jonathan Hawkins, a performing artist and singer, has helped evolve the nightclub’s offerings as co-owner of the popular P-town establishment. Jonathan’s impact on the local arts scene goes even further and in this episode, he takes us on a wild and wonderful ride into his love of the arts and a life shaped by the creative.

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Season 6 | Episode 1: Michael J. Bobbitt, A Journey Fueled by a Passion for the Arts

On this episode of the Creative Exchange, host Julie Wake travels over the bridge to Boston to talk with Mass Cultural Council Executive Director Michael Bobbitt. An artist — Michael is a theater director, choreographer, and playwright — his life was forever shaped by an exposure to the arts at a young age. Now as the highest-ranking cultural official in state government, he’s using his position to deepen the impact the arts is having throughout the Commonwealth.

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Season 5 | Episode 7: A Second Chance Through Art with Joe Diggs and Sam Holmstock

Everyone deserves a second chance. And through art, Joe Diggs and Sam Holmstock are providing just that to youth in the juvenile justice system. In doing so, the pair are giving a creative outlet for marginalized children to express their emotions, work through trauma, and successfully reintegrate into society.

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Season 5 | Episode 6: Oren Sherman | Intersection of Reinvention and Imagination

Like the iconic character Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz,” Oren Sherman has long been a dreamer, creating art at the intersection of reality and imagination. It’s led the renowned illustrator and artist to magnificent places – he’s created multiple stamps for the U.S. Postal Service, and artwork for an impressive array of clients that have included the Olympics, Disney, PepsiCo, Steuben Glass, and Visa. Oren is a multifaceted talent – a gifted storyteller, successful entrepreneur, and branding wizard – who willingly shares his expertise with the next generation as a professor at his alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Season 5 | Episode 5: Kate Pazakis | Coming home

Nearly four decades ago, Kate Pazakis first stepped on stage at Cape Cod Theatre Company in Harwich, giving her skills – confidence, communication, connection – that informed her approach to life, work, and art. Those childhood experiences allowed her to blossom as an adult in Los Angeles, where she created the Unauthorized Musical Parody Of (UMPO) series, taking popular movies and TV shows and adapting it for the theatrical world, and has provided her with the joy of returning to the theatre company where she is leading the nonprofit that made an indelible mark on her at a young age.

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Season 5 | Episode 4: Heather Pillar | Camera as a passport

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then Heather Pillar (Pil-ár) has countless stories to tell over a 25-year career that has led the talented photojournalist across seven countries in four continents, highlighted by her moving portrait series, memento Morrie: images of love and loss, spotlighting the last six months of Brandeis professor Morrie Schwartz’s (of Tuesdays with Morrie fame) life.

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Season 5 | Episode 3: Julian Loida | Auditory hugs

Percussionist, composer, and music producer Julian Loida talks about his creative journey as a young artist which has been propelled by a never-ending curiosity to explore the wide range of sounds, musical genres, and artforms.

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Season 5 | Episode 2: Salley Mavor | Staying true to yourself and your work

With a needle and thread, award-winning artist Salley Mavor has spent the past 45 years creating whimsical fiber art that tells a story, stirs the emotions, and stimulates the imagination. Mavor’s one-of-a-kind art has been featured in over a dozen books she has either written or illustrated, including Pocketful of Posies which won the 2011 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award and the 2011 Golden Kite Award.

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Season 5 | Episode 1: Mark Adams | Straddling the line between science, art, and adventure

Mark is a painter, illustrator, naturalist, cartographer, writer, printmaker — he’s also had stints as a wildlife field biologist, forest firefighter, gymnastics coach, and scientific illustrator. In the first episode of Season 5 of the Creative Exchange, we get to know Mark as AFCC’s 2023 Artist of the Year and his connection to place through mapping, journaling, poetry and more.

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Special Edition: Gallery Visit with visual artist, Robert Henry

This conversation was recorded live at Robert Henry's gallery and studio in Wellfleet, MA. Join us as we explore over 70 years of love, art and connection to Cape Cod as well as the ever-evolving practice and the latest chapter of his life as an artist.

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Season 4 | Episode 1: Senator Julian Cyr

Funding the Creative Economy with Senator Julian Cyr. Senator Julian Cyr serves in the Massachusetts Senate representing Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket. First elected to the State Senate on November 8, 2016, Julian is now serving in his second term and is the youngest senator in the 40-member body. And he’s been a champion for arts and culture here on Cape Cod. In this episode, we speak with the Senator about how the arts led him to a career in politics as well as how the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod’s Creative Exchange is being bolstered thanks to $400,000 in federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Senator Julian Cyr was instrumental in securing the federal dollars to support the Cape’s creative economy, filing an amendment to the Legislature’s $4 billion ARPA and surplus tax revenue spending bill, which Governor Charlie Baker signed into law in December 2021. “These are once-in-a-generation funds that are meant to help us rebuild and repair and build more resilient communities,” Senator Cyr said. “When you look at what powers Cape Cod and the Islands’ economy, it is not solely tourism and our gorgeous beaches and natural beauty. The fabric of our community is its creativity and innovation.” Screen reader support enabled.

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Season 4 | Episode 2: Brazen Naked Ladies Everywhere with Aanjes Larkin Hershfield a.k.a Pepper Grinds

Aanjes joins us to discuss the art of the tease, how Brazen Belles came to be, and her own discovery of self-love and body positivity. Aanjes is the founder and artistic director of Brazen Belles, a cape-based burlesque production. She is the daughter of a musician and NOAA fisheries marine biologist, Aanjes performed music and acted in high school and college, but she wanted an outlet that allowed more creativity and that combined music, acting, singing, and comedy.

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Season 4 | Episode 3: Jo Hay & Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha Brooke has been writing songs, making records and touring since the early 90's. Jo Hay is a contemporary British American portrait painter. Born in 1964 in Newcastle, England. Hay was announced as the Arts Foundation's inaugural Artist of the Year 2022. In this conversation with Jo and Jonatha we talked about so many facets of being an artist such as building our confidence, what drives the passion for the work, being fearless and creating to the that “edge.” We also discussed the impact of COVID, privilege, climate change, and even aging.

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Season 4 | Episode 4: Paloma McLardy, Being Content with the Unknown

In this episode "Being Content with the Unknown", we sit down with Paloma McLardy, the drummer and songwriter of the first all-girl punk band, The Slits. Known as Palmolive in the punk scene, she now self-defines herself as a punk mystic. We explore her experience growing up in Spain under a Franco dictatorship, family and togetherness, her defiance to living a prescribed life, and how just 2.5 years in London playing punk music helped define a time that continues to live on in myths, movies, and fashion.

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Season 4 | Episode 5: Tara Wallace & Maria Reid, You can't be what you don't see

In this conversation with Tara Vargas Wallace and Maria Daluz Reid, we discuss inspiring students through arts, creating access, building confidence and further representation of the BIPOC community in the arts on Cape Cod. Tara Vargas Wallace is an artist and founder of Amplify POC. She is a strong voice and advocate through her work with marginalized populations with severe socio-economic challenges. Maria Daluz Reid is an artist and retired arts educator having taught in the Barnstable school system for over 35 years. She aspired to build confidence in her students through art.

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Season 4 | Episode 6: Susan Blood & Deborah Howard

In this conversation with visual artist Deborah Howard and writer Susan Blood, we discuss wiping the canvas clean and starting over, the impermanence of art, the path of least resistance, and adapting your practice.   Susan’s writing has appeared in the Petigru Review, Christian Science Monitor, the London-based BachTrack, Provincetown Arts, and the Provincetown Banner. Her first book “How Not to Do Things” was published in 2017. She has credited her 2018 Arts Foundation of Cape Fellowship for inspiring her to write a second novel, “Hermit”, which she recently completed.   Having grown up on Cape Cod, Deborah has always been inspired by the region’s ever-changing landscape. Drawn to the unpredictability of this environment, she attempts to convey its dynamic and ethereal nature in her work. Her paintings are about capturing moments she experiences and communicating the feeling of a certain time and place to the viewer.

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Season 4 | Episode 7: Nina Schuessler, Cape Cod Theatre Company/Harwich Junior Theatre | Artists Never Really Retire

How do you encapsulate a 26-year career in the arts? For former Cape Cod Theater Company/Harwich Junior Theater Artistic Director Nina Schuessler it looks something like this – over 270 musicals and plays produced and/or directed. But sheer numbers don’t tell the whole story of Nina’s impact on and passion for the arts which will never go away despite her recent retirement. In this episode of the Creative Exchange, we sit down with Nina, who has been a driving force in Cape Cod theater for over three decades, and dive into her career and love of the arts.

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Season 4 | Episode 8: Scott Townsend AKA Thirsty Burlington | Finding a Safe Place on Stage

Where do you go when you live in fear because you’re different? If you’re Scott Townsend, you escape to the stage. It is here where Scott, lovingly known to many as Thirsty Burlington, has forged a career spanning more than 20 years. Regarded as one of the finest female impersonators in the business, Scott has found a home in Provincetown and a safe haven on the stage, allowing him to bravely face the challenges that life has thrown his way – cancer, dyslexia, and childhood trauma. In this heartwarming conversation, the thoughtful and articulate Scott Townsend takes CEX Host Julie Wake on a creative journey of becoming who he is today.

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Season 3 | Episode 1: Sarah Burrill

Lending Yourself to Compassion with Sarah Burrill Musician Sarah Burrill joins us for an all-encompassing conversation on using her artistic platform to connect people in times of isolation, whether in the throws of lockdown or a battle with chronic illness. She also reminds us of the importance of a little something she likes to call, “going out for oxytocin."

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Season 3 | Episode 2: When the Audience Can’t Watch with Patric Palkens

As a soloist for the Boston Ballet and career dancer, Palkens discusses the unexpected ways in which the pandemic has affected his relationship with his performance-based art.

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Season 3 | Episode 3: Ashleigh Gordon

Ashleigh Gordon is a violist and Artistic & Executive Director of Castle Of Our Skins, a concert and educational series dedicated to celebrating Black artistry through music. This conversation dives into her relationship with the viola as it relates to her own personality and her work as a passionate music educator with a unique and thoughtful approach.

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Season 3 | Episode 4: Matt Scinto

Matthew Scinto is the Founder, Conductor, and Executive Director of the Cape Cod Chamber Orchestra. In this episode, Matt dives into how and why nothing--especially a global pandemic--can stop his growth as a musician, conductor, and an arts leader. Our favorite quote from our conversation is, "You’ve got to be a little crazy. You’ve got to love what you’re doing."

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Season 3 | Episode 5: Hyannis Artists in Residence a program of Mass Development

Rachael Devaney, Deanna Nagle, and Lily Olin spent four weeks developing individual art projects that elicit dialogue, evoke emotion, and inspire thought. We discuss their process, how 2020 has empowered them as artists, and what we can expect from post program.

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Season 3 | Episode 6: Carl Lopes

Visual artist, arts educator, and the 2021 Citizens Bank Pops by the Sea artist Carl Lopes discusses the interplay between teaching, creating, and the importance of uplifting artists. Now retired from a long career at Barnstable High School, he shares how his students have influenced his personal work as well as the dynamic intersection of culture and history embedded in his artistic process.

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Season 3 | Episode 7: Laura Shabott & Marian Roth

Provincetown-based visual artists Laura Shabbott and Marian Roth discuss shifts in their approaches to creating, teaching, and sharing art as a result of the pandemic. With two distinct and wise perspectives, this conversation is dynamic, warm, and a reminder that community and the freedom to create are at the center of it all.

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Season 3 | Episode 8: Will Dailey

Boston-based independent recording and performing artist Will Dailey shares a fresh take on the ways in which social isolation has affected the way we consume, interact with, and share art. In this thought-provoking discussion, Dailey explores an interplay between oversaturation and his personal movement towards genuine, irreplicable interactions with his art.

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Season 3 | Episode 9: Anne Stott, Indie rock singer/songwriter. She is an actor. A political rabble rouser.

Structure and Stability with Anne Stott Provincetown-based musician and actor Anne Stott discusses the seesaw of structure and stability and the ways in which a global pandemic has asked us to to both rediscover and redefine a balance of the two in order to create.

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Season 3 | Episode 10: Esteban del Vallee

Esteban del Valle is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist whose work ranges from drawings to video animation and large-scale murals. In this episode, del Valle discusses how his art has taken on a distinct personal significance as a result of our newfound connectivity (or lack thereof), revealing a profound perspective on the importance of art as a self care practice.

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Season 2/ Episode 1: Julia Cumes

Born and raised in South Africa, photographer Julia Cumes now calls Cape Cod home. Her passion for storytelling and capturing real moments of human connection and intimacy are evident through her diverse body of work, which has appeared in major publications such as the New York Times and National Geographic. Her current work focuses on exploring stories about education, the struggles women and girls face, and conservation issues, particularly in Africa and East Asia. In this episode, Julia shares the whimsical tale of how she came to America and the profound thought and creative process behind her work.

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Season 2/ Episode 2: David Kuehn

David Kuehn, Executive Director of the Cotuit Center for the Arts for over 10 years, came to the Cape from a long career overseeing the classical music division at RCA records. Founded in 1993, the Cotuit Center for the Arts has grown into an award-winning and dynamic arts center offering art exhibits, live theater, concerts, classes, and more. With a mission of being a welcoming hub for the arts on Cape Cod, no two days in David’s shoes at the Center are alike. In this episode, David gives us an inspiring glimpse into the mind of an arts leader and reflects on his journey from Los Angeles to Cape Cod.

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Season 2/ Episode 3: Gregory Hischak

Curator Gregory Hischak has been creating new exhibits for the Edward Gorey House, where he resides, since 2014. Hischak is also a playwright, poet, musician, and book artist, who has received numerous awards including a Mass Cultural Council Fellowship in playwriting in 2015. Reflecting on Edward Gorey’s life, creative process, and what it’s like to live in the Edward Gorey House, this episode is a true immersion into the whimsical world of Gorey.

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Season 2/Episode 4: Pete Hocking

Pete Hocking is a visual artist, writer, and teacher based in Provincetown, MA. His work is concerned with personal narrative, place, poetics, and political consciousness. He teaches in Goddard College's in the Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts program and in the Division of Liberal Arts at Rhode Island School of Design. Previously he was director of Rhode Island School of Design's Office of Public Engagement (2007-2011), and Associate Dean of the College and Director of the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University (1988-2005). In addition to working in higher education, he offers painting workshops at Provincetown Art Association and Museum and Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center. He's a founding board member of the Provincetown Commons, and economic development center for the arts and creative economy. He's represented by Four Eleven Gallery in Provincetown, MA. His website is

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Season 2/Episode 5: Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi

Carla and Matthias are musicians, composers, and co-founders of Rabbit Rabbit Radio, a musical collaboration that has grown to produce five albums. In addition to their work together, Carla is an educator currently on faculty at the New England Conservatory as well as the Vermont College of Fine Arts, while Matthias heads a video game music production company, Ridiculon. In this episode, they redefine the concept of genre, discuss the process behind their latest project, Black Inscription--a critically-acclaimed song cycle about the ocean, and share how they took their creative careers from California to Cape Cod.

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Season 2/Episode 6: Jordan Renzi

Though she's always enjoyed music, Renzi didn't begin playing herself until her 20's. Now, a recipient of the 2017 Arts Foundation of Cape Cod Performing Arts Fellowship, Jordan has written, produced, and performed several original songs on Cape Cod and beyond. She has been invited to open for Kate Taylor, Paula Cole, Patty Larkin, and Marc Cohn, and has performed in SoFar Sounds shows in Boston and Paris. Her new album, Just A Dream, debuted in the Fall of 2019. She currently lives in Wellfleet.

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Season 2/Year End Wrap Up: Provincetown Film Festival and more...

In this episode, we wrap up 2019 with some of our favorite clips from the year. From not-yet-released interviews at the Provincetown Film Festival to a few of our Season 1 and 2 guests, we found one common thread among our interviews this year: inspiration and the unique ways in which creative individuals find it. Featuring reflections from Paul Downs Colaizzo, Susan Blood, John Cameron Mitchell, Pete Hocking, Judith Light, Jillian Bell, and the CEX Live.

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Season 2/Episode 7:Malissa Kenney & Jessica Wilson discuss making the arts accessible for all.

Malissa Kenney is the Executive Director of Cape Cod Collaborative Arts Netowrk (CapeCodCAN), an independent organization in partnership with the Cotuit Center for the Arts that provides innovative and inclusive visual performance and literary arts programs for teens and adults of all abilities. Meanwhile, Jessica Wilson is the Managing and Artistic Director of the WatermelonAlligator Theatre Company, a consortium of theatre professionals and dedicated amateurs committed to producing high-quality, local theatre. In this thought-provoking conversation, Malissa and Jessica reflect on the importance of accessibility in the arts and share about their collaboration offering performing arts workshops for students of all abilities and experience levels.

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Season 2/Episode 8: The Intersection of Process and Advocacy with Emily Ruddock and Jo Hay.

Emily Ruddock is the Executive Director of MASSCreative, an organization that works with artists, leaders, and supporters of the arts and cultural sector to advocate for the resources and support necessary to make Massachusetts a creativity-driven state. Jo Hay is a British American contemporary portrait painter who lives and works in Provincetown. Her latest work, Persisters, is an ongoing series of large-scale portrait paintings representing trailblazing women in their pursuit of justice. In this episode, Jo and Emily come together to discuss the intersections of creative process and advocacy.

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Season 1/Episode 1: Susan Blood, Arts Foundation of Cape Cod’s 2018 writing fellowship and is currently working on a novel. Her collection of essays, How Not to Do Things, came out in 2017 from Surface Popper Publications.

THE PROCESS OF CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY. Take a deep dive into Susan’s week spent in a C-Scape Dune Shack--primitive, historic, and isolated with no indoor plumbing or electricity--to her processes for getting personal and professional writing done, Susan reminds us of the importance of forging our own creative paths.

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Season 1/Episode 2: Chris McCarthy, Executive Director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM)

THE PROCESS OF LEADING IN THE ARTS. In this episode, Chris challenges the seasonal nature of Cape Cod and shows us a bit of what it’s like to run the Cape’s most widely-attended art museum.

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Season 1/Episode 4: Jackie Reeves, James Wolf, and Richard Neal of the Chalkboard Studio

THE PROCESS OF CREATING COLLABORATIVE SPACE: Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the founders of Chalkboard Studio, Jackie, Richard, and Jamie, reflect on the transformation of an old schoolhouse in Barnstable Village to a professional artist studio and how the shared space has informed their creative processes.

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Season 1/Episode 5: Joe Diggs, visual artist

THE PROCESS OF CONNECTING THROUGH YOUR ART In this episode, visual artist Joe Diggs invites us on a true exploration of his process from his daily creative practices to the ways in which his Cape Cod roots led him to, and have reinforced, his path as an artist.

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Season 1/Episode 6: Mary-Ann Agresti, AIA received a BFA in Editorial Design from Syracuse University and a Masters of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. Parallel to her design career she has independently followed a passion for the printmaking process and has become accomplished teaching and practicing the arts of traditional intaglio / etching and letterpress.

THE PROCESS OF RECOGNIZING THE “SPACES BETWEEN” Mary-Ann recognizes a need for careful review of what she calls “ the space between” – those spaces that remain between build projects, or public ways or that connect primary venues in public areas. These are the spaces that connect. This exploration has resulted in recently completed public art installations – murals, sculptures and heritage trail kiosks– that tell a narrative and unify public space in her community.

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Season 1/Episode 7: Christine Kunewa Walker, CEO and executive director of the Provincetown Film Society and founder and former president of Werk Werc Works, a feature film production and finance company based in Minneapolis.

THE PROCESS OF WORKING IN THE FILM INDUSTRY. Christine speaks about breaking into the film festival circuit and representation in film. We also learn more about Christine’s creative process.

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Season 1/Episode 8: Sara Moran is a board-certified art therapist, psychotherapist, and with a master’s degree in art therapy from Pratt Institute. She utilizes art making and the creative process to assist individuals in self expression, emotional regulation, and processing trauma.

THE PROCESS OF HEALING IN THE ARTS. Sara discusses how she uses art making and the creative process as a means to heal. Sara owns her own practice, Cape Cod Art Therapy in Eastham, where she executes her unique and dynamic approach.

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