Donor Spotlight: RESCOM Architectural

The year 1997 was a seminal one for Anne-Marie and Gregory Siroonian. It’s when they moved to the Cape and when Gregory launched RESCOM Architectural, Inc. in Bourne.

Fast forward 26 years later and the couple have not only achieved success, they’ve found a place they proudly call home, raising a family that includes their daughters Gabrielle and Donia, and son Gregory. “We really consider Cape Cod our community,” said Anne-Marie. “It’s where we chose to raise our children and where they’ve been given everything from the educational to the social, emotional, and extracurricular vocations. We’ve all spent a lot of time being a part of the Cape Cod community and it’s given us wonderful, wonderful memories.”

Over the years, the Siroonians have returned the favor by strengthening the community through their support of nonprofits like the Arts Foundation.

The Arts Foundation has become one of the three main pillars of their giving; Cape Cod Healthcare and the Community Health Center of Cape Cod are the others. Anne-Marie and Gregory were introduced to the Arts Foundation after attending our Prelude to Summer in June 2019. From there, they’ve become loyal Arts Foundation supporters with RESCOM serving as a Gold Business Patron over the past four years.

“We got invited to the gala and we realized this was an organization we wanted to support,” Gregory said. “I see the arts as so important for any field.”

It’s one of the many reasons the pair are committed to the Arts Foundation. “As we look at the things we do give to, we’re looking at what they are doing and that we believe in it,” Anne-Marie said. “When we make a donation, we want to make sure it is going to something of value and is going to help people.”

The breadth of people the Arts Foundation helps – from visual artists, potters and musicians to children to arts organizations – is all the more impressive for the Siroonians. “They really help a wide range of individuals and groups,” Anne-Marie said.

It is through their support that the Arts Foundation is able to make such an impact. As the couple, who have been married for 31 years, continue to grow their business – Gregory is its principal while Anne-Marie is its accounting and billing specialist – they occasionally pause to reflect on how much RESCOM has evolved from its infancy when it only had one residential client on the Cape.

Today, it is a full-service architectural firm with a staff of six that oversees an average of 50 commercial, residential, and medical building projects at any one time. RESCOM’s growth has allowed the Siroonians to deepen their connection to the Cape through their charitable giving. “One of the things we wanted to do, especially as parents, was to be a part of the community and that was not just about having a residence here, but getting involved when the opportunity knocked,” Anne-Marie said. “The community is a large part of our success we have today so giving back is very important to us.”

Please donate today to help ensure a strong and vibrant future for the arts on Cape Cod.

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