AFCC Arts Advocacy

During these uncertain times, we can look to the arts to keep us calm and connected–if not in person, then in spirit. 

Dear Supporter of the Arts,


As reports quickly pour in and Broadway goes dark, the effects of this global health event have become inescapable, even here on Cape Cod. COVID-19 is having a tangible impact on nonprofit arts organizations, individual artists, and our creative community, with many of our year-round cultural assets postponing and canceling events, performances, and fundraisers in an effort to keep the greater public safe. When these opportunities to come together are compromised, so is our sense of community.


Yet, during these uncertain times, we can look to the arts to keep us calm and connected–if not in person, then in spirit. Here are a four things to think about as we all brace for the unknown:


  • If you are holding a ticket to an upcoming event that is cancelled or postponed, think about the impact on the venue and/or artist. Reconsider asking for a refund. Committing to your investment is a powerful way to help our cultural organizations stabilize.


  • Keep an eye out and be open to creative programming that will result from these current challenges. If any sector can come up with creative, new ways of addressing the ripple effect of this challenging time, it’s the arts!


  • Help promote what IS happening. Good reads. Podcasts that captivate. A movie that moved you. Embrace the time to be still and absorb what is good.


  • We have local artists who are creating wonderful works of art — books, music, podcasts, short films, paintings, photographs. Now is the time to support them. Purchase their book online (through a local bookstore). Share their music video with your social network. Listen to their podcast. Buy a print of their photograph of the sun setting (or moon rising) over the Cape.


We are committed to preserving the accessibility and sustainability of arts in our community and will be working to find creative ways to continue to do so as things evolve.


Remember, arts matter, arts heal, and arts unite. We are in this together.



Julie Wake

Executive Director

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod