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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Trish Kennedy Chosen as AFCC’s Prelude to Summer Honorary Chair

April 12, 2023 (Cape Cod, MA) – The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod (AFCC) will recognize seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist Trish Kennedy, the co-founder of Zudy, as its Honorary Chair at its Prelude to Summer Gala at the Hyannisport Club on Thursday, June 1.

“Trish has been such a staunch advocate and loyal supporter for the arts which has been critical for our sector, especially through the pandemic,” said AFCC Executive Director Julie Wake. “Her giving has not only strengthened the arts on Cape Cod but elevated the Arts Foundation’s work. When someone of Trish’s stature stands with your organization, it reminds you that what you’re doing matters, and it gives you the resources to think strategically about how you can best serve artists and arts organizations in our region. Her impact cannot be understated, and we look forward to celebrating all that she does for the arts at our gala.”

Giving back, Kennedy said, has been a priority for both her and her husband Tom. “Wherever we go, we try to make it better than we found it,” she said.

That is especially true of the arts which the Kennedys have a strong affinity for. “You feel the difference when you’re in a place where people support the arts,” Trish said. “Your heart opens, and you can feel the excitement around you. Artists give you the opportunity to visualize and perceive things in a different way. Working in the business world, I need that.”

The success that Trish and Tom have achieved during their careers has given them the means to make a difference through their giving. The pair not only developed Zudy, which was acquired by Jitterbit in March, they transformed BackOffice Associates from a two-person company into a global software and services business with a staff of 500 worldwide.

They did this all while raising a family. Their first four boys grew up on the Cape, while their twins are being raised in Miami Beach where Trish and Tom currently reside. The family maintains a close connection to the Cape, returning here in the summer. “We chose the Cape because of its natural beauty,” Trish said. “You can see why this is such a wonderful place for people to come and explore their creativity.”

The arts, she said, only adds to the allure of the region. It is why she is so passionate about supporting organizations like the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. “The Cape has a lot of beautiful artistic endeavors going on and the Arts Foundation tries to make sure that environment is protected,” Trish said.

While she expressed gratitude for being honored by the AFCC at its upcoming Prelude to Summer Gala, Trish wanted to use this moment as platform to encourage more people to think about ways they can give back to the arts at a time when it is still recovering from the pandemic. “It is our job to help support that and make sure the arts are well-cared for and protected so it can continue to give us this joy,” Trish said.

“My goal is to open people’s eyes to the fact that they are enjoying this community on the Cape that is really built around the arts,” she continued. “I want to make sure people can live on the Cape and thrive and pursue their art in a successful manner and not struggle. I hate the struggling part because they are doing something so important in the scheme of life.”

About the AFCC

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