Arts Foundation of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance Collaborate on Artist-in-Residency Program

Julie Wake of the AFCC along with Ellie Leaning and John Pappalardo of the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance

May 17, 2017 (Chatham, MA) – A collaboration between the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod (AFCC) and the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance will result in the creative promulgation of the region’s longstanding connection to commercial fishing.

The two nonprofits are seeking a digital storyteller who will serve as an artist in residence, responsible for telling the narratives of the Cape’s fishermen. “Similar to our local artists, the stories of our hardworking local fishermen are often unknown. Yet, like the arts, we know how important this industry is to our economy,” said AFCC Executive Director Julie Wake. “We are thrilled to assist in this process.  It’s a wonderful and innovative way to partner with another nonprofit.”

“The fishing industry creates income and jobs that drive the blue economy and are valuable to the entire local community. Behind this economic engine are the incredible stories of the Cape’s fisheries and those who rely on it to make a living,” said John Pappalardo, CEO of the Fishermen’s Alliance.

The artist in residence is a yearlong, part-time position which will unearth those stories through video and still photography. “The goal of this project is to bring the fishing world closer to the general public so they have a better understanding of its importance to Cape Cod,” said Pappalardo.

The Fishermen’s Alliance will provide a platform for an emerging digital artist on Cape Cod to simultaneously build his/her portfolio and help tell fishermen’s stories artistically. This is a unique opportunity to access an often hard-to-reach demographic and to work with a nonprofit on the ground. There will be opportunities for additional work.

The AFCC will manage the call for artist submissions, process applications, and assist with the review of all candidates. The artist in residence will receive a stipend of between $6,000 and $15,000 for his/her work, commensurate with experience and responsibilities.

The project will culminate with an event co-hosted by the two nonprofits to showcase the work.

Pappalardo and Wake anticipate the role of the artist will be to compile the Fishermen’s Alliance’s existing library of videos and photographs, editing them into brief clips that can be utilized in social media campaigns. Additional work will include shooting original footage out on the water with local fishermen and recording interviews with those tied to the commercial fishing industry to shine a light on this segment of the Cape Cod economy.

Those interested in applying for the artist in residency can do so via this link. Applicants should submit their resume, a link to their video and/or photography portfolio, and three bullet points on why he/she wants to work with the Fishermen’s Alliance.  All candidates should have their own video and camera equipment; the use of the Cape Cod Community Media Center in Dennis Port can be provided should applicants not have their own editing software.

It is expected that the artist in residency will begin immediately to coincide with the upcoming fishing season. The Fishermen’s Alliance will provide the resident with space to work out of its Chatham office as well as access to its membership network. Deadline to submit is June 30, 2017.



About the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

The mission of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod is to support, promote, and celebrate the arts and culture of Cape Cod in order to sustain a vibrant, diverse and strong arts community.  

About the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance

The Fishermen’s Alliance works with fishermen to build lasting solutions to protect the ocean ecosystem while ensuring the economic viability of Cape Cod’s small-boat fishing fleets.