Created in 2015, AFCC’s Fellowship Program was established to empower emerging artists across all disciplines at critical stages in their creative lives and professional development.

The Fellowship award accepts submissions in different artistic disciplines. Artists’ Fellowships are not project grants but are instead intended to fund an artist’s vision as displayed across a single criterion of work. Fellowships are not awarded to interpretative artists such as dancers or actors, applicants must be the originators of the work, ie. choreographers and playwrights.


January 29, 2018
March 30, 2018 ‐ Deadline for submissions
April 2018 ‐ Announcements made

Our 2017 press release.

AFCC will grant fellowships in the following disciplines: visual arts, performance arts, and written word. Additional Fellowship information available here.


There are three review requirements for the Artist Fellowships: craftsmanship, artistic quality, and creative ability as evidenced by the original work submitted.


Myra Slotnick of Provincetown – Written Word, 2017

Julia Cumes of Brewster – Visual Arts, 2017

Jordan Renzi of Orleans – Performing Arts, 2017

Alex Becrelis of South Dennis – Performing Arts, 2016

Christopher Busa of Provincetown – Written Word, 2016

Jackie Reeves of Sandwich – Visual Arts, 2016

Richard Neal – Visual Arts, 2015




Funding for the Fellowship and Grants program has been made possible by the AFCC Patron Program as well as the Bilezikian Family Foundation.